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Play until one player controls all of the territories. That player is the winner. Until you play again, you may demand that all losing players call you "sir." Seriously.

Yep, that really is one of the rules of Risk.

No risk, no reward.


Risk is a board game where you vie for world domination by launching attacks against your friends. They wanted to revitalize the brand by giving it an edge to attract guys in their 20's who had played in their adolescence.


We attracted our target with a highly interactive mini-site we coined "ManLand." It was a little break from the everyday where you could try to escape from your office in "Weekend Warrior" or play a NSFW version of a slot machine. High scores were rewarded with Risk branded items and other free swag.

We created a Panic Button that immediately pulled up a fake website or Excel sheet in case a boss or girlfriend happen to be unexpectedly lurking over their shoulder.

The Chant

We took the "sir" rule and brought it to the next level of play--losers in the game, lose in real life, too.

... and for the

younger Risk player.

What you can air on network television doesn't always work for kid-friendly TV time slots. So, we created this secondary commercial that's still cheeky but a bit more PG-13.

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